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Postby lindawing » May 22nd, 2014, 6:18 pm

The night I closed down our other three, older forums, I found from 36 - 79 guests reading and downloading things at each of the three forums, in the middle of the night. We had not had more than 7 -8 guests doing so, here, until those forums were closed down.

That also meant we were only getting a small trickle of spammers making registrations to try to rook people into clicking on their sites.

That has now changed. We're seeing more and more guests in this forum, which is good. We want that. We want other Simmers to be able to anonymously download our stuff. After doing that for a while, some of them will request registration. However, more and more spammers have been finding us over the last few days, and we don't want to have to deal with that any longer.

So...I've now closed the registration, and anyone wanting to register, must e-mail me at:

All who seek membership here must tell me a little bit about why they want to be registered on a site designed for people who love to play The Sims, Minecraft, or other games, or who are real-life crafters. If I'm not satisfied with what is said in the initial e-mail, I will respond and ask questions. If I'm satisfied that the applicant is truly not a spammer, I'll grant membership. If I'm not satisfied, I will tell the applicant so, and deny membership.

If you e-mail me with a request for membership, please give the e-mail and username that you would like to use at the forum. Mostly we use our first names around here, so please specify whether or not we may do that with you, as well. Then tell me about yourself and why you want to register, as noted above.

When I approve a membership, I set it up from here, and I will issue an initial password (it is always different for each person registering). Once you have been approved and notified of such, you may log in. The first thing you should do, at that point, is to change your password.

Before you even apply for membership, you need to read these two forums:



After you've been registered, you need to go to this forum and introduce yourself:


Thank you for understanding.
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