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Our rules/guidelines are pretty simple. Mainly, you need to remember that we use family values. Keep it clean!

(1) Please don't use profanity. There are word censors in place, but please don't let them do your work for you.

(2) Please don't use this forum as a place to argue and fight over your favorite "soapboxes." It's OK to HAVE a soapbox. In fact, we have a forum just for those. No arguing about these things is permitted, though.

(3) We don't have an active Warnings system. However, our Admins are watching over everything and will send you a PM if they feel you are out of line somewhere. If that PM isn't heeded, you will be banned.

(4) Guests are allowed to see most of the boards, and may download files, but that's it. There are a few forums that are marked as private, that Guests can't even see. If you send a Guest a link for those, they still won't be able to go there.

(5) We do our best to obey all copyright laws. The use of product logos, for that reason, isn't permitted on this site. Be sure any photos you post are not copyrighted by someone else. Our game photos are permitted by all of our games, so they are OK. We don't upload custom content showing copyrighted images, either. Please also see the Copyright Rules, in the General Forum. If you have any questions about any images, please ask an Admin.

Thank you.

Read the Rules

Postby lindawing » June 7th, 2014, 7:57 pm

I've been informed that because this forum was showing no posts, people thought there were no forum rules! Now there is a post. :evillaugh:
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